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Nightlife photography


Buying pictures from www.thehospages.com

Normally it is not necessary to buy my pictures, because all the pictures I put online are without big annoying copyright signs
and also in a file size that makes it possible to print in a 10x15 cm size.

Digital pictures can be obtained in the original size (3456 x 2304 Pixels) in JPEG format for personal use only!!.
The price for each image is 10,- euro since I have to spend time to dig it up again from my archives.

For commercial use or publication in printed media different rates are applied and depending on the scale of use they start from 100,- euro.
Since I operate in a scene where money is not growing on trees it is also possible to make another offer to support my photography in exchange for originals and the right to use them for promotion purposes.

For more information about buying or supporting www.thehospages.com please contact

With your small or big purchase you support my photography and the upcoming exhibitions a great deal.

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